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Project management / site management

Danish Engineering On Site always takes an individual approach to management as budgets, manpower, scheduling and technical complexity vary in the individual projects.

As project or site managers, we are left with the highest responsibility for those areas that guarantee success. Therefore, you will be given your very own contact, who manages everything from crew and cranes to quality controls as well as management of the economic framework and all schedules.

We provide everything from planning and coordination with other third parties to non-destructive QC and visual inspection.

Danish Engineering On Site performs site management on both smaller and larger projects – in Denmark as well as abroad.

Good site management leads to progress

As your eyes in the planning and preparation phases, as well as on site, experience and management skills are essential.

At Danish Engineering On Site we have experience from projects in the food, energy and oil-, gas- and chemical industries. Here, we have used our specialist knowledge of pipe and steel projects, acting as project and site managers with a focus on:

  • Installation management
  • Planning of pre-fab
  • Schedule and quotation
  • Production preparations
  • Piping supervision
  • Management of insulation, scaffolding, paint etc.

The work includes planning of prefabrications of pipes and steel, as well as coordination of paint, galvanization and assembling on the site – not to forget piping supervision.

We control installations and make sure that all challenges are solved quickly and efficiently, in order to keep the project in constant progress and meet the expected deadline.

Installation Management

We ensure realistic planning, purchase materials, implementation etc., all in order to guarantee progress and completion.

Planning of pre-fab and assembling

We prepare thoroughly off site to make everything ready for installation on the construction site.

Time schedule

We plan the entire process and set it up in a realistic timeframe that provides an easy overview.


We organize an estimate that includes and outlines all significant aspects prior to agreement.

Production preparations

We analyze, calculate, draw and plan to ensure all technical specifications and keep the process efficient.

Piping supervisor

We act as advisors on installations to solve challenges and make sure the project is in constant progress.

Manage insulation, scaffolding, paint etc.

We provide the needed expertise regarding insulation, paint, scaffolding and other elements necessary for the installation.

Coordination with third parties, NDT, VT

We coordinate with third parties such as e.g. Force and Inspecta on non-destructive testing, visual testing and provide impartial inspection to your projects.

Our areas of expertise

Project and site management

Good project and site management ensures progress and quality in all phases. We provide individual project solutions with focus on your requirements

Experience progress on your project and professional management of budgets, crew and schedules. We ensure the best solution at any level of complexity.

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QC and documentation

Let us deliver a project that follows standards for pipe-making (EN13480) and standards for steel structures (EN1090). Danish Engineering On Site performs quality assurance and documentation of your pipe and steel structures - which makes CE marking possible.

We take care of line walk, red mark up, welding log and QC. This ensures a quality project with the correct documentation in place.

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Pipe installation

Get Detail Engineering piping based on the industry's best software and scheduling tools – or watch an experienced piping supervisor take care of pipe routing directly on site.

We make sure your pipe installations follow schedule and finances – even when no blueprints or markup is submitted – and we build on site!

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Mechanical maintenance

Expect efficient mechanical maintenance where operating and processing facilities are checked and maintained within the planned production stop.

We complete all tasks within a carefully planned process that includes plans, the best possible crew as well as thorough control and documentation.

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