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Expertise in field run and pipe routing on site

In certain cases, plans and drawings are not enough if projects are delayed and there are several ongoing development tasks in the same place that are depending on each other. It may be necessary to route pipes without work drawings or isometries.

Needless to say, this task requires both experience as well as understanding of efficiency, economy and security, while the piping continues with the intention of making up for lost time.

We plan and activate crew members in order to ensure all pipes are installed and the machinery is operating as soon as possible.

We work as both consultants or subcontractors in a team or as project managers, who calculate, design and collect offers for the pipe installations needed for your facilities.

Detail Engineering piping is the final step before the drawings are completed. We make sure all details are in place, inspect the pipe routing and ensure they support the required conditions. We do Detail Engineering at both the customer and on site.

Furthermore, Danish Engineering On Site have Autodesk’s latest software packages, which allows us to access the best industrial software for planning out pipe installations – and of course visualize them as drawings and 3D models in the industry’s leading programs.

Detail Engineering piping

We calculate and compile designs, conceptualizations, goals, production planning, start-up procedures and much more.

Tendering of pipe packages

We help with the tendering and selection of suitable suppliers with the right competencies. We collect fixed prices on the project and evaluate already obtained offers.

3D inventor

We are in possession of 3D Inventor and Autodesk software – the perfect tools for the drawing of mechanical design and simulation!

Pipe installations

We ensure correct pipe installations that comply with the project plan, are executed within the expected time and are documented correctly.

Coordination with supplier

We ensure that all contracts and agreements are fulfilled and that all suppliers provide value to the production processes

Field run and pipe routing on site

We help you make up for lost time through professional management and planning, which makes it possible to build pipes and structures directly on site

Our areas of expertise

Project and site management

Good project and site management ensures progress and quality in all phases. We provide individual project solutions with focus on your requirements

Experience progress on your project and professional management of budgets, crew and schedules. We ensure the best solution at any level of complexity.

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QC and documentation

Let us deliver a project that follows standards for pipe-making (EN13480) and standards for steel structures (EN1090). Danish Engineering On Site performs quality assurance and documentation of your pipe and steel structures - which makes CE marking possible.

We take care of line walk, red mark up, welding log and QC. This ensures a quality project with the correct documentation in place.

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Pipe installation

Get Detail Engineering piping based on the industry's best software and scheduling tools – or watch an experienced piping supervisor take care of pipe routing directly on site.

We make sure your pipe installations follow schedule and finances – even when no blueprints or markup is submitted – and we build on site!

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Mechanical maintenance

Expect efficient mechanical maintenance where operating and processing facilities are checked and maintained within the planned production stop.

We complete all tasks within a carefully planned process that includes plans, the best possible crew as well as thorough control and documentation.

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