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Planning, coordination and documentation

Especially the summer and the industrial holidays call for maintenance at many companies, as there is a planned shutdown in the production. The second a production team leaves for holidays or e.g. power and heating plants are shut down, maintenance work is to be started.

Such a maneuver requires particularly good planning since the right people are needed for the task and a clear plan must exist to dictate how pumps are renovated by the supplier or specialists, how components must be lubricated, how manufacturing equipment must be changed or how production lines must be expanded as part of the total coordination.

Danish Engineering On Site organizes and coordinates all tasks, order the right services based on the customer’s wishes and always ensure quality control and documentation within a carefully planned process.

Since a maintenance process is prepared thoroughly and must be managed within a specific time frame, we make sure to report in relation to the time, plans and ongoing progress.

Mechanical maintenance

We understand that the company’s production should be operating 24 hours a day, as it determines production capacity and potential profit. Therefore, planning and execution is essential when performing mechanical maintenance.

Disassembling / assembling of mechanical equipment

We coordinate the assembling and disassembling of machines and components in order to ensure appropriate maintenance and troubleshoot when and where needed.

Coordinate with service crew

We coordinate all the different professions that are needed during shut down – especially when dealing with larger projects.

Continues gathering of documentation

We provide technical documentation of ongoing tasks, measurements, adjustments and maintenance work.

Schedule / work plan / progress report

Together, we plan the scope of required documents upon which Danish Engineering On Site plans the entire process. We work out a detailed road map that dictates time frames and work plans. We ensure progress - and reporting - all of the time.

Manage scaffolding, insulation and other suppliers

We ensure a safe and efficient environment, in which there is full control of all conditions concerning scaffolding, paint and other suppliers who are a part of the maintenance.

Our areas of expertise

Project and site management

Good project and site management ensures progress and quality in all phases. We provide individual project solutions with focus on your requirements

Experience progress on your project and professional management of budgets, crew and schedules. We ensure the best solution at any level of complexity.

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QC and documentation

Let us deliver a project that follows standards for pipe-making (EN13480) and standards for steel structures (EN1090). Danish Engineering On Site performs quality assurance and documentation of your pipe and steel structures - which makes CE marking possible.

We take care of line walk, red mark up, welding log and QC. This ensures a quality project with the correct documentation in place.

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Pipe installation

Get Detail Engineering piping based on the industry's best software and scheduling tools – or watch an experienced piping supervisor take care of pipe routing directly on site.

We make sure your pipe installations follow schedule and finances – even when no blueprints or markup is submitted – and we build on site!

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Mechanical maintenance

Expect efficient mechanical maintenance where operating and processing facilities are checked and maintained within the planned production stop.

We complete all tasks within a carefully planned process that includes plans, the best possible crew as well as thorough control and documentation.

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